Technolux Therma D.A.S

Plasma & Endodermic Radiofrequency

Therma D.A.S. combines plasma and endodermic radiofrequency in a comprehensive and technologically advanced device.
  • Therma D.A.S. combines plasma and endodermic radiofrequency in a comprehensive and technologically advanced device.
  • The two technologies work in synergy to provide excellent aesthetic results improving skin texture, laxity and erasing the signs of aging.
  • Therma D.A.S. plasma and endodermic radiofrequency combination is perfect to satisfy patient expectations. This innovative multi-technology device will enable you to offer minimally invasive and fast technique with outstanding aesthetic outcomes.

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Why choose Technolux Therma D.A.S ?

  • Well-tolerated treatments
    Little to no downtime
    Visible, long-lasting results
    Minimally invasive procedures
    Fast treatments
    Extensive clinical options
    Compact and portable
    Intuitive user interface with preset selections
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    • Levard Clinic Specialist

      Mark Anthony

      "I would like to thank Quanta System for developing a laser system that is effective and less painful. Good job!"

    • Dermatology & Aesthetic

      Dr. Preya Valecha

      "Right now we can use laser for many things like lip lightening, skin lightening, different kind of pigmentations, melasma, freckles, we can use it for acne scars, tattoo removal, or maybe just for hair bleaching and rejuvenation. We can use Chrome for everything."

    • Dermatologist

      Dr. Haram Abass

      "We have been using this machine for many many years now and it is really very powerful. [It is] safe, painless and we can use it for all skin type patients... with safety and with very good feedback from our patients."

    • Quanta Duetto MT EVO

      "I am so happy to use this machine because my patients are happy and they are telling there is no pain with this machine. It is very user-friendly for us."

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    What kind of financing options are available for Technolux Therma D.A.S?

    • Option 1: Flexible Payment Terms

    Our first option ensures flexible payment. You can start with a manageable down payment, and then spread the remaining cost over several months.

    • Option 2: Special Rates with LaseTech Banks Partners

    We have partnered with certain banks to offer exclusive financing options. 

    • Option 3: Best Deals with Our Leasing Partners

    Our leasing partners provide the best deals for aesthetic device needs.

    What kind of training and support do you provide for Technolux Therma D.A.S?

    • Option 1: Continuous Learning with Academic Partners

    We have partnered with our suppliers in academic improvement to provide access to a wealth of knowledge and resources to enhance your skills.

    • Option two: Onsite Training and Customized Workshops
    • We offer onsite training and incentive workshops tailored to your specific requirements. Training is customized to your clinic's needs. Hands-on experience with our devices and incentive workshops to motivate and educate your staff are provided.

    What is your warranty policy for Technolux Therma D.A.S? What is covered and what is not?

    The devices come with a one-year warranty. Extra warranty can be provided with options in pricing and payment terms.

    How long does it take to install Technolux Therma D.A.S?

    Installing most devices in our current catalog takes about an hour to complete. Exact times may vary depending on circumstances onsite.

    Do you offer installation services for Technolux Therma D.A.S?

    Our devices are offered with installation services included in the base packages. 

    How much does the installation cost for Technolux Therma D.A.S?

    Installations for devices purchased from LaseTech are free of charge.

    What are the requirements for installing Technolux Therma D.A.S?

    • Electricity plugs/outlets
    • Load test
    • Appropriate air conditioning
    • Full safety requirements to be observed

    Do I need to do any special preparations before the installation of Technolux Therma D.A.S?

    Taking the necessary electrical and safety precautions in advance would be advised. The process itself will be handled by our experienced technicians with utmost care.